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Unusual homes : world experience in solving housing problems


On the eastern border of the Great Victoria Desert and mountain range is the famous Stuart opal deposits . Miners also serving these developments , settled right in the mines , as the local climate is too severe: the unbearable heat during the day, freezing temperatures at night and constant sandstorms .
So there was a whole underground city of Coober Pedy , which now has the status of a single modern inhabited settlements in the world. ” Apartments ” locals here are located at a depth of six meters , so the temperature is always kept at around 22 degrees Celsius , regardless of extreme swings overhead.
In Coober Pedy is not only accommodations , but also shops, cinemas, hotel , golf club and even a few churches. The only minus of living here – too expensive water .


Gigantic trees , baobabs , which is famous for the Black Continent , are not only an excellent shelter from the scorching African sun and a source of nutritious fruits , but also well suited for everything home.
As a rule, such a ” flat ” used natural hollow baobab form the roots of a tree, in a hollow places enough to put there a bed , a table and even equip the restroom .
Use a giant tree not only for private use , but also for the public : in Zimbabwe , for example, baobab equipped bus station waiting room, which accommodates up to 40 people in Botswana in the old days one of the baobab used as a prison , and in Limpopo in the hollow such a tree equipped bar.

“Ideal Palace of Ferdinand Chevalier » (Ferdinand Cheval Palace), France .

  Ferdinand Cheval was a postman, very real , with a bag of letters and parcels . And probably the only one he knew that he was a poet , because his head was filled with visions of fabulous palaces and castles.
Nothing accidental in this story were not. For many years he was looking for a building material for their fantasies . And once understood – it is more than enough … around. Othlynuvshee ancient sea left on the seabed surprises for those who can appreciate them .
One of the stones hit the Chevalier perfection of form and richness of colors. Similarly, there was also another stone , and the next . Nature generously rewards those who can see it!
And then Ferdinand said to myself, “If nature itself creates sculptures , I can add them up and turn the clutch in architectural creation . That’s my dream . For his work ”
And Ferdinand Cheval decided to implement his crazy ideas for small business now . “Since nature has endowed me building material , I have to be an architect and mason !”
The usual way to the postman , 30 km , increased by 10 . Villagers looked on in amazement postman with a wheelbarrow filled with stones. And he said, ignoring the taunts , dumped them near his home and went to read scientific papers and journals on architecture , construction and art.
10,000 days , 93,000 hours and 33 years of operation , as it is written on one of the facades of his castle … The castle was growing up, it is added to the statue, on the walls there were new sayings and slogans Chevalier, added weird decorations , fascinating residents of the village , especially at night …
Construction was carried out from 1879 to 1912 ! Indeed, ” Who is better – let him try ! ” Alone, at night , by hand …

Saute City

Skyscrapers have become an integral part of the landscape of any metropolis of the world, but the builders of high-rise buildings are often faced with the protests of citizens. Typically , opponents of skyscrapers talk about spoiled historical forms and asked to transfer the project to another location. But the developers of office skyscraper in the City of London in late August began to get quite unusual complaint: it turned out that because of hindsight architects building literally fry everything. As clarified ” report Real Estate” , in the way developers of tall objects sometimes there are other unexpected obstacles , but it does not prevent the buildings become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Office lighter

To build a business center ” Fenchurch Street 20″ in the business district of the British capital of Land Securities and Canary Wharf began in 2009. Originally it was planned that the 200- meter high tower costing £ 200 million will be put into operation in 2011 , but gradozaschitniki have reduced the height of 160 meters, and the deadline of an object moved in 2014. According to the draft Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinola in the building there will be 37 floors, will house the last three sky garden and publicly available observation deck .
In general , until recently, building serious inconvenience to anyone did not deliver . Claims fell by developers after glazing facades. The first skyscraper complained to passers-by are reflected blinded by bright sunlight and feel like ” ants , which are roasted through a magnifying glass ” (quoted by The Daily Mail). The fact that the northern and southern sides of the building are a concave surface , while the eastern and western – convex (because of their shapes skyscraper got the nickname Walkie Talkie, that is, portable radio, and The Pint – beer mug ) . As a result, the first act as a spherical mirror, focusing the rays on the earth.
Developers were quick to say the media that have not received any complaints , but it soon became clear , ” solarium” in the middle of City is a very real danger . The owner truck Vauxhall Vevaro Eddie Cannon, left his car on the street Istchip , on his return found that the left half of the body literally melts under the rays of the Walkie Talkie. Also affected the instrument panel and interior plastic parts . The next day, a similar fate befell a businessman Martin Lindsay , the owner of a much more expensive car Jaguar XJ. At this point, the builders were already aware of what is happening, because the strain on the windshield executive sedan Lindsey found a note with contacts Land Securities and Canary Wharf. The company brought the car owner apologized and took the cost of repairing the vehicle , valued at nearly $ 1,500 .
Finally hand in the investigation , the developers found that the brightest and hottest reflection occurs within two hours of the day when the sun is at an angle to the skyscraper . During this period, the rays incident on the building so that reflection focuses on particular street section Istchip . The experiment was one of the journalists showed that the temperature at this point reaches heights that allow the pan to cook eggs.
Representatives of the developers claim that within two to three weeks to change the trajectory of the sun and the ” sizzling ” effect is greatly reduced . To avoid a repeat of the building is planned to establish a special protective screen size of 4 to 15 meters , or put on the glass , ” scattering ” film. Now parking for cars on a “hot ” area is forbidden, but continue to suffer from the rays of the clerks , cyclists who have melted the saddle, and shop owners ( on buildings blistering paint, cracked tiles, and in the windows of perishable products , in one of the shops even waxed mat on the floor .)
Surprisingly, this is not the first case when the building started Vinola are flammable . In 2010, it was reported that the solar reflection of them designed Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas melt plastic objects near the pool. To minimize the inconvenience of visitors, hotel owners had to buy bigger umbrellas around the pool and drop additional plants in the shade of which are now sheltering campers . Apparently, the sad experience of the architect is not made ​​to abandon projects with mirror bends.

bird routes

With glazed facades largely related and other aspect of a high-rise building – the need to consider the safety of the birds. According to ornithologists, birds suffer from the skyscrapers are a number of ways . First, the very high buildings to be erected on the migration routes , as they can bring down the birds confused. In 2011, environmentalists reminded of this , ” Gazprom “, which after canceling construction Ohtinskom Cape developed skyscraper project in Lahti . Scientists have stated that the headquarters of the concern will prevent migratory birds traveling from Lapland in the winter . However, they later agreed with the arguments of the builder , who argued that the route has changed more in the 1980-1990 ‘s, when in an alluvium areas for housing were covered sandbanks that birds used for recreation.
Secondly , the risk of a direct pose glass. Bird, for example, can not see the obstacle and break or mix is reflected in the building of the tree with the present. Total from collisions with buildings in North America die each year up to a billion birds.
Safety standards for urban birds found in many cities , particularly in Chicago , Toronto and New York. One of the most detailed legislation since the end of 2011, a San Francisco. In order to better distinguish between birds glass facades is proposed to apply a ceramic coating , UV coating , various stencils, screens and curtains or apply frosted glazing. Experts also point to the need to reduce the intensity of the nighttime illumination of high-rises , which confuses the birds, and reducing the number of wind turbines . It is clear that the safety of birds requires additional costs , but if you take steps in the design stage , they will be minimal .

In the shade

Given the size of skyscrapers , the important factor is the shadow cast by the building . It may or may have an impact on areas of living micro-organisms and insects, as well as lead to a conflict with the owners of the neighboring high-rises . In 2010, a dispute developed between the Empire State Building owner Anthony Malkin and developer Steve Roth, decided to build a 370- meter skyscraper Penn Plaza at 275 meters from the historic site .
Malkin was trying to convince the city council of New York City that will forever change the new “postcard ” Manhattan skyline and overshadow the one of the symbols of the city. Officials of his arguments convincing not considered and approved the construction site, but the ” war ” in the end still won the Empire State Building, as in March 2013 Roth yourself abandoned the project Penn Plaza.


Despite the fact that the construction of skyscrapers has become commonplace , the preparation of any , even the most ambitious project includes dozens of items. Before working professionals need to explore the soil and groundwater , the wind rose , the seismic situation in the region , the impact of the building on the architectural and social environment of the city , the effect of altitude on the health of building occupants . Separately considering the issue of transport infrastructure , fire safety measures to prevent acts of terrorism and so on.
Particular attention is paid to the twenty-first century energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of skyscrapers. Some modern buildings are able to fully meet its electricity via solar panels and wind generators , and the technology itself is extremely diverse. Swedish architects , for example, recently submitted a draft skyscraper , fully coated strands of composite materials with piezoelectric properties. These yarns can change due to the structure to produce power even with a relatively weak wind. According to the developers , ” hairy ” can be made and existing buildings .
In Japanese cities with an orthogonal system of streets takes a different approach: the installation on skyscrapers pick up air currents that are moving along the long straight streets are accelerated to high speeds . Original technology are going to use in the construction of the tower Dynamic Tower in Dubai. It is assumed that the building is composed of 80 floors , each of which is independently rotatable about a central rod. Between levels, establish a horizontal wind turbines, which together will be able to produce up to 1.2 million kilowatt- hours. Along with solar installations Dynamic Tower will provide energy not only themselves, but also five neighboring buildings.

A huge number of confounding factors make it impossible to create a model of a skyscraper. Each project architects have to develop from scratch , so bugs like facades Walkie Talkie will arise in the future. On the other hand, partly because of the continuing developments contribute to the application of the most skyscrapers in new materials, technologies and design solutions that are then used in conventional homes.
Dmitry Danilov

The most unusual houses in the world – Witch house in Odessa

At first glance – the house as a home , not unlike the rest of the old residential buildings. But what surprised you suffer , if a bit to go through and look at it from the side , from a certain angle. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you – the house really looks flat , as if he was left alone on the exterior wall !

The first question that comes to mind , recovering after a mild shock , “How , how can this be, and how people can live there ?! ” . Yes, it is hard to imagine , but the flowers on the window sills , curtains and air conditioning persistently talk about the presence of occupants in the house.

Not every guest and even a resident of Odessa knows that at Vorontsov lane 4 is the most unusual and , one might even say , a mystical town house . At first glance – the house as a home , not unlike the rest of the old residential buildings. But what surprised you suffer , if a bit to go through and look at it from the side , from a certain angle. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you – the house really looks flat , as if he was left alone on the exterior wall !

The first question that comes to mind , recovering after a mild shock , “How , how can this be, and how people can live there ?! ” . Yes, it is hard to imagine , but the flowers on the window sills , curtains and air conditioning persistently talk about the presence of occupants in the house.

In fact , the secret of the architectural cheating in that the rear wall of the house immediately adjacent to the facade , i.e. the building has a triangular shape.

Historical information indicates that during the construction of the house , even during the Tsarist Russia did not have enough money to build the side wall , that had to bring along two walls . Then no one could not have imagined that in the end this building will be one of the attractions of Odessa , and will cause sea of wonder and admiration of tourists, visitors and residents. In flat house there are other names: “The House of the wall “, ” Witch House” .

Find this unusual building is simple – it is located at the end of the Primorsky Boulevard , right behind the Vorontsov Palace. If you walk from the monument to Duke , the flat house is a block from the monument , along Primorsky Boulevard ( see the figure in the photo gallery for this article.)

When you are in Odessa, be sure to go see flat house and an additional margin of impressions you get. And do not forget to go to reduce their friends , their reaction to you from what you remember for a long time .

By the way, ” Witch House” in Odessa also famous for the fact that stands in the street where they filmed “The Three Musketeers” , that moment where they sang ” It’s time to rejoice .”

House “Forest Spiral”

House "Forest Spiral"
The house with the intriguing title “Forest Spiral» (Waldspirale (Forest Spiral)) was built in Darmstadt, Germany, from 1998 to 2000.

Creation belongs hand the famous Austrian architect and artist, well known for his revolutionary, colorful architecture. Project architect often borrow their forms from nature – for example, an onion-shaped dome.

This building with 105 apartments, as if “wraps” around the site of the court, among other things has a comfortable restaurant with a cozy cocktail bar.

Building-basket. Ohio, United States.

Office construction company Longaberger (Longaberger), based in Newark, Ohio, to be the strangest office in the world. (Although, we are aware of both, quite interesting examples).

The building area of ​​over 18,000 square meters, a copy of the famous picnic basket, $ 30 million, it took two years. Many experts tried to persuade Dave Longabergera (Dave Longaberger) – the head of the company – to cancel their plans regarding the construction of this building, and to choose a more traditional form, but he did not want to do this, so we can contemplate is the work firsthand.

The most unusual houses in the world – “Inverted House” Tennessee, USA “

"Inverted House"
Upside down home “- a mysterious museum in Tennessee. Take for instance the story of its creation!

The building was once a research laboratory and was on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists who have worked and experimented in the building, was created a whirlwind, a giant tornado, but they have not calculated its strength. Whirlwind caught the house, and he landed almost intact, its roof.

The building is altered in an unusual, mysterious museum: a room with simulated earthquakes of magnitude six balls, meditation room, virtual roller coaster, around chairs hanging from the ceiling. In other words, “everything upside down.”

How to get there: “Inverted House” is located in the small town of Pigeon Fort, and the best way to get to it – it’s a plane. The airport is located 2 kilometers from the city.

Guest: tourist Katherine wrote: “Going into the house, with his children, if you have them. Museum will present a huge amount of fun for your kids. Well, and you, too.”

Unusual house-Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

Unusual house-Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada
Habitat 67 – a residential complex in Montreal. For over 40 years the house is impressive for its architectural originality.

Canadian-Israeli architect Moshe Safdi randomly placed 346 dissimilar blocks. He was determined to make each apartment unique, to create a complex of separate, independent sites with their gardens and yards, and at the same time the best use of the space to a relatively small area housed as many as possible. Thus, the complex contained in itself 146 apartments.

Directions: between Toronto and Montreal always travel by bus. They begin flights to 7:00, and every half hour goes next.

Guest: “Walking around the old port, far away on the other side, we saw the blurred outlines of some strange buildings. Was not clear that this is – a building with unusual architecture or just some ruins. A couple of days the weather has changed, it became clearly, though cold. now possible to consider the building from a distance, in the first 11-times zoom lens camera, and then get to it on foot. And this house is called a light shock, “- says a tourist

The most unusual houses in the world – Cubic houses, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

cubic houses
To say that the cubic houses in Rotterdam look stunning – not to say anything.

Danish architect Piet Blom designed the entire street square on all sides of buildings, rotated 45 degrees, and set one of the corners of the usual odnoetazhki.

Cube itself – floors: downstairs – living room with windows on the pavement, on the second level – the bedrooms and bathrooms, and on the third floor – a small pyramid-shaped room that can accomodate a solarium, a nursery, a mini-observatory or winter garden.

One cube is used as a museum Show Cube, which with the help of various photographs, video and 3D-panels can understand what it’s like to live in a cubic building. And some people even offer tours of their homes.

How to get to Rotterdam in the south-west of the Netherlands, 76 km from Amsterdam. Highway connects the city E19. Rail service connects Rotterdam to Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Brussels, Antwerp and Paris, as well as other cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Trains arrive at the central station of Rotterdam Centraal. To get to the bus can Rotterdam from Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and other cities. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is 20 minutes’ drive from the city. You can get there by bus number 33, and on the express train. Cubic houses are located in the street in Rotterdam Overblaak and occupy the entire block. The nearby underground station Blaak.

Guest: “Cool house. I once lived in it. It is unfortunate that a quarter of the spaces uninhabitable because of the strong inclination of the walls and floor,” – says Elena tourist

The most unusual houses in the world-The Hole House, Texas, USA

The Hole House – is a unique and unusual house, which is located in Texas. At the site of the house authorities planned to build a new building, and the building is completely destroyed.

But luckily a few months before the moment was to begin demolition of the building, two well-known artists from the United States, Dan and Dean Hevel Cancer contrived in this old house fantasy tunnel. And the building itself is preserved and made into a museum, as visitors began to arrive there.

How to get there: the city of Houston, where the strange house, can be reached by plane. The airport is located 11 kilometers southeast of Houston. And then the bus (parking is located near the baggage claim department) to the city center.

Guest: “When they had come to the house, just a thought – why we do not do that with old houses. Likewise, money can be collected properly, if we take the minimum of input” – says Andrey traveler